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Khabib’s father confirms Tony Ferguson as upcoming opponent

After weeks of failed negotiations and frustrating stalemates, it appears as though the long-anticipated match-up between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is closer to a done deal than ever before.

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HecTroy470d ago

Oh... great, but I'm a bit bored by all the news regarding these two guys. Let's hope they've signed that contract already, and start their training camps, so they won't have time to talk that much.

HippieRays469d ago

If Khabib's daddy agrees this time then it must be legit lol

T0phav0k470d ago

WTF? Khabib is like a 3 years old boy, who has no own will and voice. His father decided against the fight with Aldo, now he confirms the fight with Tony... They should just throw that guy in the Octagon...

martym469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

Khabib's father is probably choosing which opponent to fight to make sure that Khabib will have an unblemished career.

Mcgregornador469d ago

Get the contracts ready! Don't let this become a rumor again, I want to see this fight!

Tatertot469d ago

Oh joy, his father finally settled on the opponent. Who else has their father make these decisions for them? It will be a good fight