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Khabib confirms UFC 209 fight, is it against Ferguson?

Ever since UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor decided to take some time off, things have been up in the air for the top two contenders. Both Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson have shown major interest in fighting each other, possibly for an interim title, but the UFC stated that Ferguson’s salary demands for the bout have killed the idea.

Something has been sorted out for each man though, because they both took to social media to make it clear that they’re fighting soon.

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HecTroy471d ago

My money is on Khabib v Ferguson and T-Wood vs Wonder Boy as the co-main events for 209.

T0phav0k471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Is that T-Wood vs WB a good idea? I mean so soon after they previous bout? Are they really healed?

martym471d ago

I agree with you. Khabib even offered to pay him $200k just to fight him

TheBadElfDude471d ago

All that whining and drama for nothing? B1tch*s!

KarateCat471d ago

It's probably just to build more hype. But I'm glad that this fight is finally happening.