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'WWE Doesn't Want Broken Stars'

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) commentator, Jonathan Coachman, is not only an avid fans of professional wrestling, but also professional mixed martial arts (MMA). After witnessing the disastrous return to action by Ronda Rousey, Coachman believes WWE's previous interest in bringing "Rowdy" aboard will diminish in 2017

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HecTroy199d ago

Sad story. Ronda is over.

Drakul198d ago

what makes it sad?? her loss?? her retirement with millions of $$$$.....geez.

T0phav0k199d ago

She has ben KOd from the UFC, kicked out of Hollyweed, and now even the WWE turns its back on her. Poor gurl.

TheBadElfDude199d ago

She had it commin', she practically begged for this.

big_dom_strikes_back199d ago

Poor girl? You mean rich girl.

She can cry into her wads of notes. She won't go hungry anytime soon, whereas the rest of us are getting our balls broken in different ways just to get by.

T0phav0k198d ago

My balls are fine, thanks. But other than that, you are right.

armbarred199d ago

Hope you've invested your earnings wisely Ronda.

cell989199d ago

When even the wwe doesnt want you lol damn

TheBadElfDude198d ago

And she is not even hot enough to become a ring girl! LOL

specialguest198d ago

Ronda came into the UFC when the competition was thin. She put WMMA on the map, did her part, and made good money. Now it's time to move on.

Mcgregornador197d ago

Exactly! She did good, time to move on to the real MMA champions :)

martym193d ago

Ronda made a great contribution to WMMA. She's already a great part of MMA history as a whole.

Saitama193d ago

yeah, she'll be known in history as a one dimensional fighter with no other skill than an armbar.

martym193d ago

I disagree. She had victories that came from striking. Try harder next time 'kay.

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The story is too old to be commented.