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Cat Zingano blasts 'disrespectful' UFC champ Amanda Nunes: 'I detest you being ungrateful'

Amanda Nunes may have been one of the feel-good stories of 2016, but she’s officially made an enemy. UFC women’s bantamweight contender Cat Zingano isn’t impressed with how Nunes has carried herself since a one-sided UFC 207 win over Ronda Rousey – and is promising to do something about it.

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martym439d ago

To be fair to Nunes, I don't see anything wrong with what she said. A lot of fighters talk like that and Nunes is no different.

HecTroy439d ago

I think Nunes was perfectly ok, but Cat needs a fight, so she tries to create some hype.

HippieRays438d ago

Those were my thoughts, Cat wants a title fight. Can't blame her really

IamTylerDurden1439d ago

To be even more fair, the entire lead up to the fight Rousey refused to do any media or interviews. Rousey was the ungrateful one, ungrateful to the fans and media that built her into the rich, overrated popstar that she is today. She also cost the Amanda and Dom Cruz money bc she refused to sell the fight and in turn the ppv numbers were lower.

Also, the promotion leading up to the fight only featured Rousey. It was the big return of the "legend" and it was quite disrespectful of Amanda. It bothered Amanda that she wasn't being given any credit and it influenced her post fight speech.

TheBadElfDude439d ago

So, you are basically saying the Cat and Rousey should go to hell, right? I couldn't agre more!

Mcgregornador438d ago

Amanda is new champ for a reason, she worked hard even though she was being treated like a nobody compared to snobby Ronda. well said with this. love the username too!

cell989437d ago

Let's not forget how overshadowed Amanda was leading up to the fight. 0 exposure or hype behind her, all Ronda. Ronda might be one of women's mma pioneers but that doesn't give her any right to be so arrogant and narcissistic

cell989437d ago

Pretty much campaigning for a fight with Nunez

Saitama439d ago

it's funny that Zingano beat Nunes a few years back. but it was Nunes who became the champ later on

HecTroy439d ago

A W from a few years ago means nothing. Just think about Bisping and Rockhold.

IamTylerDurden1439d ago

Amanda Nunes is a killer, she is a different fighter then when she fought Cat. American Top Team has shaped her, her conditioning is better and her striking is vastly improved. She just dismantled two legends in a row while Cat has lost two fights in a row. Cat is talented, but she's 34 and desperately in need of a win while Amanda is getting better every fight.

Amanda was right, shine some light on the rest of the division, the rest of WMMA. Rousey made a truckload of money, she had her time. Imo, Joanna Jedrzejcyk is better than Rousey ever was, but she is far from a household name. Joanna is undefeated, the current Strawweight champ, and she's made 4 title defenses. She's also a 6-time Muay Thai world champion. Then of course we have Cyborg, Michelle Waterson, Shevchenko, Claudia Gadelha, Karolina K, Pena, and Pennington. Then we have Holly Holm and De Randamie who will fight for what i call "the Cyborg belt" aka the new 145lb belt/division. WMMA is budding.

cell989437d ago

That is in deed the Cyborg belt