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Weighing the Options of Dominick Cruz

With his title loss still quite visible in the rear-view mirror, Cruz enters 2017 on unfamiliar ground. Sure, he’s lost before—once—but that loss was nearly a decade ago, back in the salad days of his long career. Bouncing back from defeat is not something Cruz has had a lot of practice at, yet in these first months of 2017, that’s just the task he’ll be faced with. This, of course, begs the question: who does Dominick Cruz fight next?

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HippieRays473d ago

He should get a re-match & TJ gets whoever wins

Tatertot473d ago

I'm feeling bad for Cruz, I'm hoping he takes some time to relax and then come back better than ever no matter who he fights

martym472d ago

Definitely a rematch should be in order.

KarateCat472d ago

I'm sure Cruz would get the title back if a rematch with Garbrandt happens.

HippieRays469d ago

As much as I want to agree with that, Cruz wasn't looking so good against Garbrandt. I can't stand the kid and wish Cruz could get the title back

Saitama472d ago

he should just ask for a rematch with Cody. time to knock the guy off the p4p list.