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Hunt Will Sue Overeem If Drug Test Comes Back Dirty

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight bruiser Mark Hunt appears to be moving forward with his UFC 209 pay-per-view (PPV) headliner against Alistair Overeem, scheduled for T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 4, 2017.

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armbarred442d ago

Why wouldn't you agree to the clause and why wouldn't the UFC make it standard in all fight contracts? Also, Overeem sure as heck doesn't look like he's juicing these days. Used to look a lot bigger and a lot more ripped.

HippieRays442d ago

I don't think Overeem is juicing, Hunt just making a point after the Lesnor crap I think. Rightfully so too

Tatertot442d ago

They should put it in the contract & give bigger penalties for users. Totally agree with all of this

HecTroy441d ago

Nor JJ or Silva seemed ripped, but they still got the bans.

KarateCat441d ago

Even if Overeem isn't on juice, what Hunt did would be a good precedent for future fights.

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martym441d ago

All fighters should be just as vigilant as Hunt when it comes to this things. Not only will it clean the sport of any dope users but it will also ensure both fighters a fair and clean fight.

TheBadElfDude441d ago

The truth is, I really want to see Hunt fail his drug test :D :evil: