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Midnight Mania! Lesnar’s Doping Wrist Slap, UFC’s Suburban Sprawl

Today, we have Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) selling off its “Sin City”-proper corporate real estate assets so it can relocate to the nearby ‘burbs, Conor McGregor entering the world of ... horse racing?, Brock Lesnar getting a meaningless drug-related suspension, Clay Travis with a truly awful Ronda Rousey “hot take,” the usual spiel of awesome knockouts, and more!

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HippieRays344d ago

Caposa's twitter comment nailed the Lesnor situation.

Mcgregornador344d ago

Does Retroactive suspension mean in effect since UFC 200 or starting now?

KarateCat344d ago

I think Brock Lesnar should just stay in WWE.