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Team Alpha Male Launches New Training Program

In an effort to keep up with the rapid rise of fight tourism, Urijah Faber has confirmed the launch of his recently overhauled “Train with TAM” program and website.

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T0phav0k320d ago

Wow, I would like to join them!

KarateCat320d ago

Good for Faber for doing this. He's retired from fighting but he's still doing things related to MMA!

Saitama320d ago

next thing we'll know is Urijah will announce that he will fight again

Tatertot320d ago

I don't think he's gonna fight again, I wish he would though

HecTroy320d ago

Faber is a great guy, and he did a lot to help young fighters reach their dreams. Even though I wasn't a big fan of him, he deserves all the respect!

HippieRays320d ago

Well said, couldn't agree more!

martym320d ago

It sounds like a really great program. Definitely great if you're into MMA.

Mcgregornador320d ago

He said he was moving onto another project & this seems like a great move! Good for him!