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UFC fighter rankings: Garbrandt cracks top 5 of P4P list

The last event of 2016 sent a major ripple through the official UFC rankings. With one new champion, two former champions getting defeated, and some other goings on, only one division remained untouched in the aftermath. The mythical pound-for-pound division saw some upheaval as well, with Cody Garbrandt jumping straight into the top five after his win over Dominick Cruz.

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T0phav0k319d ago

I'm very curious if he will be there at the beginning of 2018

Saitama319d ago

if he can defeat either Aldo or Mcgregor he might. but I seriously doubt it

HippieRays318d ago

I can't believe how talented this cocky kid is. I really can't stand him, but he has amazing talent

Tatertot318d ago

I'm hoping someone knocks him out and takes the belt away, anyone.

HecTroy318d ago

We are on the same page here :)

KarateCat318d ago

He won't be champ for very long. I'm sure of it.