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Ranking all 13 UFC pay-per-view events from 2016

2016 was a great year for UFC pay-per-views, as records were set, broken and then broken again. After 13 exciting PPVs this year, here's how they all rank.

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TheBadElfDude440d ago

Let's hope 2017 will be at least as spectacular as 2016 was (but with less drama)

martym440d ago

With all the upcoming fight this year you bet it's gonna be spectacular.

KarateCat440d ago

It's not surprising that both of McGregor's fight are in the top 3.

HippieRays439d ago

He walks the walk and talks the talk & not many can, he deserves those spots I think :)

HippieRays439d ago

I agree with the top 3, the rest could have been switched around a bit better

Mcgregornador439d ago

UFC 207 as 9th? that's insane. Nunes alone made this higher up, all cards on the fight were impressive, this should be higher up.

Tatertot439d ago

Lawler vs Condit wins fight of the year but only lands number 11 for ppv events, not even top 10? That was a good card! Otherwise I agree

HecTroy439d ago

Hey, this isn't about opinion but about the number of viewers. There is nothing to agree or not to agree with. :)