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People are still pummeling Ronda Rousey’s coach four days after UFC 207 loss

Four days after Ronda Rousey’s highly anticipated comeback went exactly the opposite as planned, fight fans and insiders are still discussing what went wrong for the 29-year-old. How did the fighter, who had 411 days to shore up her striking skills, allow women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes to land 27 punches and beat her via technical knockout just 48 seconds into the first round?

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TheBadElfDude474d ago

Guess what? He should be pummeled much much harder! He said he could beat Aldo. I would like to see him in the octagon against Scarface.

Mcgregornador474d ago

Did he really?? I didn't know that, that's pretty stupid of him

HecTroy473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Yup, I remember that vid as well. Her is the link:

Mcgregornador473d ago

What a tool. Thanks for sharing that

martym474d ago

Frankly, Rousey's coach could have done a better job. I agree with what Jon Jones said about complementing Rousey's coach with an MMA team. That should've given her balance when it comes to grappling and striking.

KarateCat474d ago

Ronda should hire another coach that would cater to training her for striking. Better if she gets someone with great boxing background since both her defeats came from fighters with great boxing skills.

HippieRays474d ago

I agree and I think she was given this advice after her loss with Holly, maybe now she'll take the idea & see where it takes her

Saitama474d ago

both Ronda's and Tarrverdyan's careers are over. no need to badmouth both. hahaha

Tatertot474d ago

We can only hope you're right!

Mcgregornador474d ago

I think the media is just looking for someone to blame since their star isn't what they thought she was. She could have used a better coach and a camp after her last loss, but it was her choice not to. Pummel her.

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