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UFC 207: Dillashaw broke Lineker’s jaw in round 1

“I felt a pop right away,” said Lineker, who won’t be able to eat anything but soft food for two weeks. “I wasn’t dizzy or anything like that, but I felt a pop. I thought ‘it was just the kick, no problem,’ but it start to hurt a lot in the second round. I truly felt it in the third, when I took all of his punches."

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HecTroy384d ago

I'm not saying this made no difference, because it is obvious, that a broken jaw is a huge hinderance, but Lineker is awfully one-dimensional, so he never had any real chance against TJ.

KarateCat384d ago

Agreed. Broken jaw or not, the outcome would have been the same.

T0phav0k384d ago

I don't really get the Lineker hype. I don't even think he won against Dodson. I get it, he hits harder, then most fighters in the Flyweight division, so what?

HippieRays383d ago

Broke his jaw in first round and kept going, that earns some respect from me. I'm glad TJ won, but still

Tatertot383d ago

Respect yes, but he never had a chance

HecTroy383d ago

Anyone who competes in the UFC deserves respect. They all invested a shitload of time and hard work to get there (yes, even CM Punk)

HippieRays382d ago

Agreed! I'm glad you threw CM Punk in there lol, he worked his butt off to try what he did & I'm hoping he does better next time round

HecTroy382d ago

HippieRays: Hehe, don't get too carried away. I'm still a CM Punk hater :D