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Garbrandt wants to fight Aldo or McGregor next

Here’s some news T.J. Dillashaw won’t like to hear - Cody Garbrandt has been the UFC bantamweight champion for just a few days, and he wants to fight someone outside the division already. Those men would be UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, who he thinks would be a “money” matchup, or lightweight champ Conor McGregor.

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HecTroy475d ago

I think Cody makes a mistake. He forgets that these two guys have legit KO power. Cruz was a dominant champion, but he has pillow fists...

martym475d ago

I agree with you on this.

Saitama475d ago

hahahaha... Garbrandt vs. Aldo or McGregor? this guy is asking for a quick retirement

TheBadElfDude474d ago

You have to admit that he learned a lot from McGregor :D

HecTroy474d ago

Yeah, and it is time for another lesson, but this time in the cage :D