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It wasn’t the losses — in 2016, Rousey just wasn’t easy to root for

Ronda Rousey’s fall from grace has been thorough, yet she certainly didn’t help matters in this last year. Rousey became a class study in "how not to lose," and in 2017 if she wants to be left alone, she might be obliged.

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HippieRays444d ago

People couldn't relate with her much this time without her doing media, she seemed like too much of a snob

Mcgregornador444d ago

It's hard to root for Ronda with her ego bigger than her punch. After I saw Nunes fight, she's become a favorite for me & champion for a reason

Tatertot444d ago

I never liked her, not since day one. She changed the UFC for sure, I give her credit for that & that's it

KarateCat444d ago

^This. Rousey sure is a great fighter but a lot of people hated her attitude.

Mcgregornador442d ago

exactly! She was a snob & that was hard to like. Refusing media just kind of enforced that opinion a little bit more for me too, can't help it

martym444d ago

Although I agree that Ronda had an attitude, I still think that she's a great fighter. Aside from having a great career in the UFC, she also made women in MMA more relevant. That feat alone is commendable.

Mcgregornador442d ago

I will commend her on all she has done for women in MMA, truly, one huge step in the right direction. She is a great fighter, just not the best in MMA. She has a wicked arm bar... and she's pretty. That kinda sums her up. Amanda Nunez is an amazing champion, Ronda is a great fighter who changed the UFC for the best

Saitama444d ago

well, it looks like we won't be seeing much of Rousey after what happened in UFC 207