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Want a Michael Bisping vs. Tyron Woodley 180-pound superfight? The lads say they're down

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and welterweight titleholder Tyron Woodley don’t have their next title defenses booked – even though they may have challengers who likely are next in line.

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HippieRays384d ago

I would love to see this! I can't wait to see what fights are finalized for 2017 instead of all this wishful thinking though

Mcgregornador384d ago

Agreed! I was hoping for a few fights that aren't happening anymore, lots of talk but nothing finalized

martym383d ago

That is, if both parties agree to the amount of purse they will get. A lot of fights doesn't happen because of misunderstanding when it comes to money. Another thing is the use of illegal substance...

T0phav0k383d ago

Don't forget that this is not official. This was just Bisping and Woodley fooling around. UFC has tha final say, and I thonk a Bisping vs. Woodley fight is a priority for them

HecTroy384d ago

T-Wood is desperate to land a big money fight, but I don't know if Bisping's face could take T-Wood's power. I think Bisping will lose against his next challenger (he has virtually no chance against any top MW), and should retire after that fight. I hope he was smart enough to invest his money...

Mcgregornador384d ago

True enough about Bisping, as much as I like him I agree. Wood is mighty strong and eager for a fight

Tatertot384d ago

This would be a wicked fight to see, great talent on both sides

TheBadElfDude383d ago

If this is true, Bisping can take goodbye from his other eye as well

KarateCat383d ago

Hopefully the negotiations for this fight will push through. I hate to see a possible great match not materialize just because they don't agree with the contract.