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HecTroy445d ago

Wow! Nunes made short work of Ronda Rousey. It was really hard to watch, but I can't say I'm sorry for her. If she can't take a punch, she shouldn't fight.

On the other hand, I'm really sorry for Cruz. He lost his title in a great fight, and Cody showed, that he really was a top contender, and has everything he needs to become a dominant champion.

Can't wait for the rematch, or for the Cody vs TJ fight!

TheBadElfDude445d ago

Cody vs TJ: Trashtalk lvl = SHITSTORM!

KarateCat445d ago

I think it was a good call from the ref to stop the fight. It was downright murder with Nunes fist.

HippieRays444d ago

Great night of fights hey? I'm feeling sorry for Cruz and Rousey (I'm not a fan & never liked, but I feel her disappointment) a fantastic night of fights by all

Mcgregornador444d ago

Never liked Cody much, but he definitely does have what it takes to be champion! Cody VS TJ would be great to see, but I'm wondering if there will be a rematch for Cruz first. Feeling bad for Rousey too, I can't stand her, but that was slaughter

HecTroy444d ago

Dana said that TJ is next for Cody, but we can't know for sure until the fight has actually happened :)

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T0phav0k445d ago

Great main event tonight! Cruz vs Cody should definitely be the FOTN

KarateCat445d ago

Great fight! I kinda feel bad for Ronda, though

HecTroy445d ago

I can't really understand ppl who feel bad for her. I could understand if you would feel bad for Cruz. He lost his title in a great fight. Rousey was like CM Punk... She just grabbed the money, and had nothing to do with being a fighter.

HippieRays444d ago

I honestly can't stand her, haven't been able to since she first came out. I was mad Nunes didn't get her spotlight like she deserved & did not want to see Ronda back as poster girl. I do feel bad for her though, that was brutal & she was thrown around like a ragdoll with those hits. For someone who thought she was number 1, she sure was taken down a few pegs last night & that is hard on the emotions, for that I feel bad, can't help it

Tatertot444d ago

I was so happy to see Nunes defeat Rousey, she deserves some spotlight & will hopefully get it now that Ronda is out of the picture