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HecTroy444d ago

Sounds like a lot of money for 40 seconds of doing nothng

TheBadElfDude444d ago

What are you talking about m8, she almost got her nose broken! LOL

T0phav0k444d ago

She earned around 100k / punch landed on her face

HippieRays443d ago

haha that sounds pretty accurate

Mcgregornador443d ago

Rousey is managed by WME, right? I think that's another reason she's been treated like royalty in comparison

KarateCat444d ago

It was a good fight but a short one. I think she deserves that 3 million purse. I wonder how much Nunus earned for beating up Ronda?

HecTroy444d ago

$200k. $100k for showing up, $100k for the W.

HippieRays443d ago

peanuts compared to Rousey, Nunes also got a portion of PPV but I don't know how much. Unbelievable.

armbarred442d ago

Let's see what UFC does with Nunes now. On the one hand this kind of fee split makes perfect financial sense, on the other hand it's so unfair!