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Unapologetic Rousey cares only about winning back title

Ronda Rousey is uninterested in anything not related to winning back the women's bantamweight title at UFC 207 Friday night against Amanda Nunes. Rousey plans to say everything inside the Octagon on fight night.

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Tatertot207d ago

I want Nunes to win, I don't want the UFC to be about poster girl Ronda anymore

HecTroy206d ago

You must be happy now! :)

KarateCat206d ago

I wonder what's Dana's plan with Rousey now that she'd lost 2 fights in a row?

HecTroy206d ago

Well, how should I say this? She told everything about herself in the octagon tonight. Poor girl.

TheBadElfDude206d ago

She should care about investing her money wisely, because her career is over

T0phav0k206d ago

Her career was already over after the Holly fight.

KarateCat206d ago

The $3 million that she got from this fight should last her a long time

armbarred205d ago

She needs The Rock from Ballers