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Johny Hendricks misses weight for UFC 207 bout with Neil Magny

Johny Hendricks has long been known for his weight issues and, despite telling various media outlets earlier this week it was under control, appears to still be struggling. Today, the former welterweight champion has missed weight for his fight against Neil Magny at UFC 207.

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Saitama480d ago

not again! oh no... wait, that not really surprising is it

KarateCat480d ago

Things are not looking good for Hendricks if he has trouble cutting down his weight. He must be feeling the pressure since he lost his last two fights.

HippieRays479d ago

I am so disappointed hearing this, I was hoping he'd be refreshed and determined more than ever

Mcgregornador479d ago

I was hoping it would be different this time, once he gets disappointed from missing weight, he loses his game altogether.

Tatertot479d ago

He needs a better nutritionist to pull him through these weight cuts