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Khabib Nurmagomedov asks for fight the 'whole world is waiting for' against Tony Ferguson

After UFC president Dana White shot down an interim fight between top contenders Khabib Numargumedov and Tony Ferguson, Nurmagumedov took to twitter to once again ask for the fight.

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martym351d ago

This just keeps on getting more interesting. Maybe Aldo is indeed telling the truth, maybe Dana will match him with Khabib. Only time will tell at this point.

HippieRays350d ago

Dana says that Aldo asked for him, he backed it all up. Khabib's dad said no

KarateCat351d ago

Dana should just make the fight purse equal to both fighters to make this fight happen. Anyway, I think UFC will earn a lot from the PPV of this fight.

Mcgregornador350d ago

Dana could even make the difference in pay from his own pocket and it not affect him. It would be worth it for everyone involved

Tatertot350d ago

The UFC has to make this fight happen, it is what the fans want to see

HecTroy350d ago

I would like to see that fight against Aldo!