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Schaub: Rousey’s Mental State ‘A Little Scary’

UFC 207: Brendan Schaub, former UFC heavyweight and ex-boyfriend to Ronda Rousey, says he is a bit worried for "Rowdy's" mental state ahead of her return against Amanda Nunes on Dec. 30, 2016, since she seemingly already has one foot out the door.

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Saitama352d ago

wait a minute, is this actually surprising?

martym352d ago

The pressure is real this time with Rousey's long awaited return to the octagon. I don't know about the others, but I'm rooting for Rousey in this fight.

KarateCat351d ago

Good luck to the both of them, but I'm with Nunes on this.

HippieRays351d ago

I'm with you. Respect to them both, but I hope Nunes wins

T0phav0k351d ago

Hehe, she did blow up Ronda's face.

Mcgregornador351d ago

If she can't handle the media because of the pressure, she might break under the pressure tonight.

TheBadElfDude351d ago

Not just her mental state...