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Dana White: Fabricio Werdum turned down two fights by asking for more money

UFC president Dana White explains why Fabricio Werdum is not fighting Junior dos Santos at UFC 207.

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TheBadElfDude481d ago

Another money hungry bum! I hope USADA will get him as well.

Saitama481d ago

this guy likes to make excuses. first he calls JDS gay. And now he wants more money? I'd fire him if I was Dana White

Tatertot480d ago

Dana wont give him what he wants, it's out of his hands at this point I think

Saitama480d ago

that is true. but I'd still fire him if I was Dana

KarateCat480d ago

I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with asking for a bigger pay as long as the fighter's record is worth it. On the other hand, UFC has a tendency to give value to a fighter as long as they attract good PPV sales.

Mcgregornador480d ago

Agreed on both hands there, PPV sales definitely calculate their worth now & bigger pay requests should be understandable