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Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson interim title bout not happening after Ferguson wanted equal pay

Rumors of a planned interim lightweight title bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson were true, UFC President Dana White said.

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HecTroy446d ago

Tony did the right thing! I really hope that all the fighters will learn their value in the future!

TheBadElfDude446d ago

Khabib & Ferg the same value? No way! Khabib has the backing of the Russian fans, Ferg only has his ugly face!

KarateCat446d ago

In fairness to Tony, he no slouch when it comes to his MMA record. The least Dana could do is at least make Tony's purse as close to Khabib's as possible.

martym446d ago

I wonder what's is the new contract that Ferguson signed that White can't give equal pay to both fighters? He's making it seem like Ferguson wants to avoid the fight by asking for a bigger pay.

KarateCat446d ago

It could be that Dana just doesn't want to cough out the dough and he's putting the blame to Tony

Mcgregornador445d ago

I'd think their contract has fighter wage as per fighter value, they are of different value and Ferguson did agree to the terms he signed. If he wanted more he should have said so then instead of signing another one.

HippieRays445d ago

Tonys record is outstanding, his worth should be the same. Contracts are tricky though.

Tatertot445d ago

They should be paid the same just this once, since Dana can bend the rules for Ronda, why not this instance?