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Cain Velasquez gives his side of the story on UFC 207 withdrawal

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez posted a statement on his official Facebook page to explain his side of the story on the cancelation of his rematch with fellow ex-champ Fabricio Werdum at Friday’s UFC 207.

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martym449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Shame that the fight won't happen. I don't think the pull out has anything to do with him using Cannabis oil but more likely to the fact that he is unfit to compete in his present condition.

KarateCat449d ago

I agree. At least he's pulled out because of a legitimate reason

Mcgregornador449d ago

He said he couldn't bear to stand for 10 minutes without pain at the moment, the fight was scheduled for 15 minutes. It would have been irresponsible for them to let him fight at that point. I'm disappointed as well. After healing I am sure they will reschedule!

Tatertot449d ago

I feel bad he found out about being pulled on twitter before it was official to him, happy healing Valesquez! The fight will be great when the time comes