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HippieRays483d ago

With all of his steroid usage, it doesn't surprise me. He's better off in WWE

Mcgregornador483d ago

Agreed, he should just stick with that. Him and the steroids are fine there

Tatertot483d ago

He might surprise ya's and come back after his 40th without roids

armbarred483d ago

Guys like this love the spotlight, I wouldn't rule him out for a return!

HecTroy483d ago

UFC would be crazy to let him return! It is a risk they should not take. And btw, they should not organize freakshows. That is Bellator's business.

Saitama483d ago

oh he'll come back. I'll be surprised if he didn't

martym482d ago

Should Lesnar decide to come back to UFC, he should come back clean. There's too many fighters that came out positive with dope and he'll only make it harder for him to get back if he doesn't clean up.