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Johnson: ‘I believe I am the best P4P fighter in the world’

After his ninth straight flyweight title defense, Demetrious Johnson is willing to say the thing many people are thinking: ‘Yeah, I believe I am the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world’

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martym233d ago

I think that he's up there with the likes of McGregor. Can't argue with his MMA record!

HippieRays233d ago

He's one of my favorites actually, personality and skill wise, he's a pretty talented person

HecTroy233d ago

It's a pity, nobody cares. Look at the PPV numbers.

KarateCat233d ago

Well, MMA is a business after all.

Tatertot233d ago

Mighty Mouse is his nickname for a reason, he believes he's bigger than he is. Pound for Pound, he's quite impressive though

Saitama232d ago

he is THE best P4P fighter, hands down

Mcgregornador229d ago

According to, he now is. Mcgregor next down. I agree 100%