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Dillon Danis wants Northcutt in UFC debut: ‘Easy fight’

Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Dillon Danis is eyeing his MMA debut and believes he’ll be in the UFC before long.

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HecTroy452d ago

He isn't even competing in MMA and he already wants an easy UFC. Man, I don't think I will be a fan of this guy.

Tatertot452d ago

They used to say it wasn't up to the fighter to pick opponent, but lately it seems based on call outs. If he gets the fight I'm hoping Sage knocks him out

TheBadElfDude452d ago

What kind of fighter starts his career with begging for an easy opponent? I hope this guy gets kicked in the face!

martym452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

^This! If he thinks Northcutt is easy then he should be looking for someone who can give him a better challenge.

Mcgregornador452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

He wants the money I can understand that, Sage brings good numbers to the UFC. But I'm still hoping the same, that he gets kicked in the face, not only to shut him up, but Sage needs a win

T0phav0k452d ago

He calls for easy money. I can understand that

Saitama452d ago

a lot of fighters come into UFC thinking they can beat everyone... then gets their a** handed to them