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Nunes slams Rousey for refusing to do media interviews

Amanda Nunes shares her thoughts about Ronda Rousey turning down pre-fight media obligations for UFC 207.

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armbarred451d ago

Almost starting to feel for Rousey... man she must be feeling the pressure. This isn't like when McGregor doesn't show because he doesn't care, it's part of his show, or he just wants to train. Rousey can't handle the spotlight any more. Strange considering her acting.

Tatertot451d ago

I think Ronda is just soaking up special treatment. Media is part of the UFC agreement for everyone except her. If she can't handle the spotlight she should get out of Hollywood and UFC

Mcgregornador451d ago

Mcgregor gets in trouble for not showing and they say its mandatory for all fighters. Now its mandatory for everyone except Ronda which isn't fair

HippieRays451d ago

Can't wait to see her slam Ronda in the octagon & finally quiet this drama

martym451d ago

There's gotta be a reason for Rousey not showing up. Being a celebrity I'm sure she's very adept at handling the media but in this case there must be something bothering her. Or maybe this is just a way to rile up her opponent.

Saitama451d ago

rousey is just a prima donna and she's making Nunes feel unimportant