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Mcgregornador455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

I can't say I'm too surprised on this, but was hoping she would change gears when signing with UFC

Tatertot455d ago

yea she's not what I'd call natural looking

HippieRays454d ago

This is why she didn't want to take those fights she was offered

Saitama455d ago

does this mean that we won't get to see Cyborg fight for the featherweight division anytime soon?

martym455d ago

Maybe. Turns out Dana actually offered fights for Cyborg and she has been turning them down because of her dope problem.

TheBadElfDude455d ago

I think that could be a sane assumption

TheBadElfDude455d ago

It is nice how she started to become extremely vocal about her problems and disappointment with the UFC and now she pops for stg.

T0phav0k455d ago

Are you saying that the UFC had some implication in this? Like this was a setup or a trap or something?

KarateCat455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

That's the problem. It would make her appear that she has no credibility. Next time she complains about something people might not take her seriously.

HecTroy455d ago

This is the 2nd time for her. No excuses there. Her career might be over.