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Cain Set For Post-Fight Back Surgery, Turns To CBD

UFC 207: Cain Velasquez says he'll undergo another back surgery five days after his rematch against Fabricio Werdum, which is set to go down on Dec. 30, 2016, in Las Vegas. He also reveals he turned to CBD during camp to help ease the chronic pain.

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Mcgregornador453d ago

If it helps him & it isn't banned then that's good news. Glad he found something to help him push through so the fight doesn't have to get cancelled, just hope it doesn't damage him further

martym453d ago

Exactly! With the recent news about fighters testing positive for dope, this is a welcome change.

Mcgregornador452d ago

Agreed! Definitely a more natural approach to things, positive change

Tatertot453d ago

I have 3 chronic pain conditions and cannabis is the only medication I use because the alternatives are worse, I hope they never ban CBD for fighters