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Nurmagomedov to Aldo: ‘I do not bully the little’

Nurmagomedov responds to Aldo’s claim that a certain fighter turned down an interim lightweight title fight because his father told him not to.

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KarateCat332d ago

I think Aldo should just fight Holloway. He's just making himself look like a tool by throwing potshots at Nurmagomedov.

HecTroy332d ago

Aldo is a foolish tool... :)

HippieRays331d ago

I agree and wish it could happen, Holloway is out for a bit right now though, we gotta wait

Saitama332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

it's Aldo being himself again... by avoiding a fight!

Mcgregornador331d ago

exactly! we've seen this before & it's disappointing

HecTroy331d ago

Darth Khabib: ‘I do not bully the little’