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USADA Suspends UFC Lightweight For 17 Months

Five-fight Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight veteran, Carlos Diego Ferreira, has been suspended 17 months by USADA for failing an out-of-competition drug test earlier this year ahead of a planned match against Abel Trujillo.

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KarateCat489d ago

I think UFC should impose heavier penalties for fighters caught doping. Those guys give the sport a bad name.

HecTroy489d ago

They should let Mark Hunt handle these situations :D

KarateCat488d ago

It's no wonder Hunt almost sued UFC for this issue. There's a lot of juicers in UFC.

Mcgregornador488d ago

Agreed! It might discourage others from doing it too. Instead of a mini vacation, slap on the wrist & back to the octagon. Maybe next year

joseC488d ago

And more random drug testing....isn't fair to fighters who are clean when this happens

HippieRays488d ago

I went to USADAs website out of curiosity for the results of tests from just this year and there are too many to count.

Tatertot488d ago

I didn't know that was open to the public, pretty messed up to look through actually