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Pettis' hand not broken after all, avoids surgery

A little over a week after a disappointing loss in Toronto, Anthony Pettis has received some good news.

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guzAldo427d ago

hey it was probably really swollen, pettis wouldn't throw a fight like that after being 1-3 in his last four, his career is basically taking a nosedive

KarateCat427d ago

At least things are looking up again for Pettis considering that 2016 is a bad year for him.

HippieRays427d ago

Good news for him, maybe next year will be better back at lightweight

TheBadElfDude427d ago

He will get beaten up there as well but at least not by smaller guys. It looks less bad that way...

HecTroy427d ago

Btw. I'm curious what 2017 will hold for Pettis. Even if he gets back to LW, his situation is quite desperate. He has no chance at a title shot, and he already lost to 2 (Alvarez, RDA) of the top 4 guys, and would be abused by Khabib and Fergusson.

HippieRays426d ago

Oh I couldn't answer that, I personally don't see him as a very talented fighter. He has no chance in either direction & should look towards Hollywood in my honest opinion lol But I was just hoping for the best for him, good news brings good vibrations :)