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Aldo: UFC will announce interim LW title bout with me

According to Jose Aldo, he’s targeted to fight for the interim UFC lightweight championship, and it’s only a matter of time before that’s official.

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TheBadElfDude490d ago

Li'l boy Khabib's father is afraid for his son's health! It would have been nice to see how these two crybabies try to punish each other!

martym490d ago

After all the hype about him and Holloway reuniting the FW title at UFC 208. Quite disappointing to say the least.

Saitama490d ago

nah, it's just Aldo being Aldo by not showing up on the fight at the last minute

HippieRays490d ago

That was my thought too, I was looking forward to that.

KarateCat490d ago

Man, if Aldo wins the interim LW title bout that would make him... a 2 interim title holder?

Saitama490d ago

now that's a very funny thought

guzAldo489d ago

Jose Aldo's TDD is top notch! i have Jose winning this by leg kicks and domination on the standup

TheBadElfDude489d ago

You could be right on this. What a situation that would be: Aldo beats Khabib for the Interim Title, just to be KOd by McGregor again. This way McGregor wouldn't have to fight Khabib :))

Saitama489d ago

and McGregor will laugh all the way to the bank

HecTroy486d ago

There is no news on this Interim Title, right? What a surprise!

Saitama485d ago

yep, no announcement. Aldo must be delusional