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Rousey not expected to speak with MMA media prior to UFC 207

With just 10 days to go before UFC 207, don’t expect Ronda Rousey to be fielding questions from MMA media.

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TheBadElfDude454d ago

Am I the only one who is totally bored by this Rousey soup opera? Let's hope Nunes gets well soon, and takes Honda's big face apart!

martym454d ago

Ronda is probably nervous about the upcoming fight. I mean, if she loses this fight it would be probably end her career in UFC.

KarateCat454d ago

Well if Rousey wins this, she'll be Dana White's poster girl again

HippieRays453d ago

You are so right. Here's to hoping Nunes gets better and knocks her down to reality :)

T0phav0k453d ago

Yes, but only until she loses again.

Mcgregornador453d ago

No talking to media... Mcgregor was in trouble for that & Dana is just fine with this because media was mean to her? wow..