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Conor McGregor says boxing, WWE and Hollywood all want him right now

Conor McGregor has a lot of options outside of the UFC right now, will he stay where he is at & remain king?

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Saitama361d ago

mcgregor should definitely pursue boxing and settle things once and for all with mayweather

TheBadElfDude361d ago

No chance. He is a really accurate puncher, but a shitty boxer. If he keeps his hands down (like he usually does in the octagon) in a boxing match, he gets killed.

Saitama361d ago

training should correct his defense. anyway, I don't think he even has to put his hands up... mayweather will prolly just run around the ring anyway. hahahaha

Mcgregornador361d ago

Him getting his boxing license is showing a good direction with that, even if it's only in CA for now. I'd hate to see him leave the UFC though

KarateCat361d ago

If ever McGregor decides to join WWE it would sure make it a lot more interesting knowing how he likes to trash talk his way to victory.

HecTroy357d ago

The fights would be less interesting tho...

guzAldo361d ago

Conor, please just get back to training lol. MMA needs you right now. You are the Silva 2.0 we've been waiting for