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Hardy responds to Mickey Gall's surprising callout

The last thing Dan Hardy expected to hear in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday was a call-out from one of UFC on FOX 22's big winners, Mickey Gall

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guzAldo489d ago

Dan is way too old to fight someone like Gall...he should be getting tune-up fights, not retired fighters..

HecTroy489d ago

Gall seems to be a nice guy, but he beat 2.5 cans. Sage counts only as 0.5 due to his lack of experience the other 0.5 part of him is a legit fighter. So he should look for some easier competition if he wants his UFC career to drag on a bit longer

TheBadElfDude489d ago

I hope he gets tested (and massacred) real soon!

HecTroy489d ago

@TheBadElfDude: Chill m8! Life is good.