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Trading Shots: Is Ronda Rousey's much-hyped return already a 'bizarre' affair?

In this week’s Trading Shots, is it strange that in the run-up to UFC 207, so much attention is being paid to Ronda Rousey and almost none to the actual champion, Amanda Nunes?

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HecTroy459d ago

I'm really curious how this fight will go down. If Ronda loses, she will be out forever.

armbarred459d ago

Yup, a lot of people going to be tuning in one way or the other...

martym459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

There's a lot at stake here for Ronda. She'll have to be on top of her game on that fight!

T0phav0k459d ago

I will bet on her loss, that is for sure.

Mcgregornador458d ago

I'm really hoping that's how this turns out, I'm tired of her

TheBadElfDude459d ago

Her face will be a 'bizarre affair' after Nunes knocks it off of her shoulders

HippieRays458d ago

Maybe Nunes doesn't need the spotlight as much as Ronda's ego does? None the less, it's going to be a great fight!