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Hunt Says Lesnar Suspension 'Not Harsh Enough'

UFC heavyweight veteran Mark Hunt has been very outspoken about punishing PED users in MMA, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that he disagrees with the one-year suspension and $250K fine Brock Lesnar was handed earlier this week.

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T0phav0k492d ago

I couldn't agree more! UFC has to get rid of all the cheaters, even if this means cutting some stars! JBJ is a good example... even though I was totally heartbroken bc of him.

HecTroy492d ago

Let's hope he will be able to stay clean after his return. He just blew his best years and that is very sad.

armbarred492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

Lesnar doesn't give a crap about the UFC and still made over $2 million from the fight. Feel bad for Hunt. I don't think he would have beaten Lesnar either way, but it's the principle.

T0phav0k491d ago

I don't know what to think about the possibility of Hunt beating Lesnar. I mean it, it just doesn't sounds right to compare an above average HW fighter eith someone who possible spent his whole life on PEDs. This whole Lesnar fight was a really bad idea, and even though it made sense financially, it did no good to the UFC and the sport of MMA in general.