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Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie fight for inaugural featherweight title at UFC 208

The UFC will crown its first female featherweight champion at UFC 208 – and Cristiane Justino won’t be vying for the title.

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martym495d ago

I think UFC is just setting things up. I mean somebody has be a "worthy" opponent for Cyborg.

KarateCat495d ago

Doesn't matter who wins between the two. Cyborg will eventually take the title when she gets to fight the winner.

HecTroy495d ago

If she gets to fight her...

Saitama495d ago

is it just me, or is Dana White just adding controversy into the new division to hype things up?

HecTroy495d ago

This whole year was about Dana adding controversy into the UFC. No rematch for Aldo, the whole McGregor vs Diaz story, McGregor fighting Alvarez, Bisping fighting Hendo and so on.

martym495d ago

I guess it wouldn't be UFC without the drama. Hehe.

guzAldo491d ago

Both of them are too small for 145. The only thing that will come of this is the WBW division being split in half

HecTroy491d ago

Yeah, even more fake belts to give away...

guzAldo490d ago

Right!? theyre just handing them out now to sell fights!

T0phav0k490d ago

In two years there will be no fights without a belt on the line...